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We are very proud of our writers' co-operative, Writer's Choice, which acts like a traditional publisher for our members. Our novels are selected or rejected by the group and the whole group work hard beta reading and editing each novel, then when all are satisfied the novel is the best it can be, the member's book is professionally edited, proofread, a cover designed and finally re-read and approved by all. Only then is the novel published as a POD paperback and ebook with our quality fiction seal.

We are now in our seventh year and delighted with our achievements. Born out of pure frustration with the traditional publishing system, we have thrived with the new one. We met on an online forum and when I expressed my annoyance with the traditional publishing world, and shared what one excellent agent had told me, we became a group of writers determined to be quality Independent Authors. We knew that we had publishable and marketable books which were being rejected for non-literary reasons like we were 'too old' to take on or the book was 'too different to sell'. We hoped that a co-operative where each member supported and promoted all the members' books would have more PR and selling power.

Our first published novel won the SanDiego Historical Fiction Award, our second rocketed up the Amazon top 100 best selling historical novels list, My 'Jacob' had already been short listed in two unpublished novel competitions. In our second year our novels were short listed in the Amazon novel competition, the M M Bennetts Historical Fiction Award, the Wishing Shelf Independent fiction award, and the Historical Novel Society Independent Novel award. Our third year ended with the publication of another novel already short listed in a novel competition. It did collect that credit too. Our fourth year opened with another novel published and one more on its way. Yet again we are proud to announce that we had a prize winner. 'Four Nails' won the 2016-17 San Diego Historical Fiction Award. That's competition successes for us every year of our first four years. Writer's Choice has given us the chance to succeed when no one in the traditional publishing world would let us in. Now it's 2020, our 6th year nearly ending and we have released more short stories, the children's picture book is now illustrated and being designed for publication, e-book first then print. The anthology of Japanese 16thC stories is out. I have finished my novel and now it's editing and proof reading time. The disgraceful affairs at our local Anglican church have hindered creativity and wasted much good writing time. My colleagues are still at work on their new projects. It takes a long time to write a good serious historical novel. The research alone can take years! We find that it takes five years to research and write a prize winning novel.

It is hard not to be childish and raise two fingers to the world of traditional agents and publishers. Being an independent co-operative group of writers has been rewarding, satisfying and extremely hard work, but worth it when readers let us know how much they have enjoyed our novels.

Featured Authors and Titles

Available in 2020


'Bittersweet' by P.D.R. Lindsay 

In 1872, Bryce Ackerman leaves England for India hunting two groups of army officers, who spent their leave competing to see which group could rape the most young ladies. Bryce's own fiancée was raped and he is after vengeance. Can he find the officers and bring some sort of justice and satisfaction for the young women and their families?

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Other Titles by Writer's Choice

'TIZZIE' by p.d.r. lindsay

In 1887 life can be difficult for a single woman. What do you do when you discover your family has tricked you out of your life and love?

'Tizzie' was a semi-finalist in the M.M. Bennetts Historical Fiction Award and a finalist in the Wishshelf Self Publishing Awards. It is gathering an impressive number of four and five star reviews and I am delighted.

'JACOB'S JUSTICE', by p.d.r.lindsay.

1642 and war treatens England so how do you protect your family and business from the bigots on both sides?.

Available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and any good book seller.

'WOMEN WAKING UP', by p.d.r. lindsay.

An anthology of short stories previously published in literary journals around the world.

These women have a chance to make a choice, or make a decision, which might affect them in a major way. What do they do?

Available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and any good book seller.

'BLOKES MUDDLING THROUGH' by  p.d.r.lindsay.

An anthology of short stories previously published in literary journals around the world.

Six different men, six different stories, six different outcomes. And if you are not willing to change what might happen?

Available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and any good book seller.

pdr lindsay's Smashwords Author Profile


Short stories in various genres by p.d.r. lindsay



A fascinating mostly true story of the real Hunger Games - courageous people led by a young She-warrior holding off the mighty and brutal oppressor, Rome. The novel won the San Diego historical fiction Book Award.

Available at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo and any good book seller.

'FOUR NAILS' by G.J. Berger

A compelling story about an Indian Mahout named Ashoka, who went from a slave to become a key member of Hannibal's incredible army. One of the fairest depictions of Hannibal and Cathage that you will see in print. One of the best fiction reads you will see this year.


Also wopn the San diego Historical Fiction Award

'A WOMAN TRANSPORTED' by Sharon Robards

'A Woman Transported is a grand sweeping story that takes the reader from the slums of London to the untamed splendour of Australia.'

Amazon Best seller and a stunning read.

'UNFORGIVEABLE' by Sharon Robards

'Unforgivable is the story of a teenage girl & a young nun caught up in the great religious & social upheaval brought on by Vatican II, & a thriving adoption industry driven by society’s fierce disapproval of unmarried mothers.'

'PLAYING WITH FIRE' by Sharon Robards

'Playing with Fire weaves together the threads of greed, lust, honour and brutality at the dawn of the Industrial age.'

'BURNT BY THE FLAME' by Sharon Robards

Politics, treachery and passion intertwine in this tale inspired by true events during the life of Princess Sophia Dorothea — the ancestress of the dynasty that reigns over Great Britain to this day.

Other Books and Authors

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