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March 2017

February has been a great month for writing. All the rest and feet up and taking it easy means I have been able to sit at the computer and write. March looks to be the same as I cannot bend, twist, lean down to pick up, or sleep on my side until the end of the month when I see the specialist. If I am lucky he will let me move more normally, sleep more normally, and even drive, though I must more reasonably expect to wait another four weeks to be allowed to drive. Nevertheless having two new hip joints is marvellous and I am walking gently -with the walker - round my garden and house without the terrible pain my damaged joints had been causing.

The e-books are launched, the print proof is corrected and back to the publisher and all seem to be well on the way. Now I have time to get to all those short stories and start floundering around with the ideas the back of my brain is playing with for a novel. I always hate this time because my creative head feels empty and bereft of my Bryce and Bea and the Northrops from 'Bittersweet' and I am panicked that I might not find another character with a good story to tell.

I must also get ready for a PR sales push for all our Writer's Choice books. I hope I can get enough places with the newsletters for an end of April, the beginning of May, push. I am also really looking forward to the April 5th party in the library. It's going to be fun if I can get everyone there. The wine and fruit punch are ordered, savouries and sweet nibbles being experimented with, I am enjoying tasting them! I just want a bit of fun rather than a push to buy the books. The books will be there but we will be a rowdy celebration of Writer's Choice's fourth year and the final -at last -publication of 'Bittersweet'.

The tiles are down on my archgola floor, and the tables and chairs are ready to be put in. My kind helpers from church who made a roster and pop in each day are all counting on a house warming party held out there. I think it's a great idea!


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