rowan tree blossom

MAY 2020

May and the temperatures are still high. Autumn colours are spectacular. I’ve been practicing and learning those tech skills and making videos so I made one of autumn at home.

I’ve become a little isolate in the Lock Down even at level three. I like to hug my friends, not possible right now, but we do phone and wave at a distance. Not as satisfying as a good hug.

What has been fun though is all the cooking of those recipes I’ve been saving up to try. I can’t do my usual drive to somewhere remote at the weekends so with the spare petrol money (and hasn’t petrol finally dropped back to a reasonable price?) I’ve been able to buy those odd and expensive items needed and got cooking. My freezer now has a lovely selection of meals for rush days or lazy days. As a recipe is usually for four or more I’ve plenty left over each time to freeze.

So far I’ve learnt that my funny tummy only takes half the amount of chilis or hot curry spices but it’s been lovely learning to make decent hot spice mixes and I’ll be doing more of it now I know what’s my limit. And at last I’ve got a naan bread recipe which makes light and soft ones. My previous efforts have been like cardboard.

The holiday feeling persists and I’ve managed a lot of writing and those boring secretarial bits like sending copies of my works to the National Library. I always forget and so have short stories and a picture book and the new novel to go. Yes, it’s finished. The novel is now being edited to death by me until I hate it and it’s time to send it off to an editor and a proof reader, and to the cover artist and interior designer when I can find them. Every time I settle on one they’ve moved on to something else when I want them again!

I’m still getting cross phone calls from parishioners wanting to know what is happening at St Luke’s, what the bishop is playing at and when will the vicar be brought to book for her actions? It’s so sad to learn that the bishop is now known locally as Mr Entertainer as he has obviously lost much respect from some of his parishioners. Mr Entertainer? That’s because he plays a mean honky-tonk piano, encourages jolly singalongs, brings his dog into church and doesn’t wear robes in the parish churches. As one of the senior parishioners said ‘You can’t be a jolly good bloke and best mates and be a decent bishop.’ Actually I think he could have been if only he knew what to do, but I think he’s paralysed, caught between being a jolly good chap, and having to pull a vicar under him into line within Anglican doctrine. At least I hope he is, unlike our vicar, a genuine Anglican who believes in the spiritual presence of Christ during communion service. Our vicar’s services, spiritually, could be Baptist or Presbyterian. Why on earth did she want to be an Anglican? And for those who've asked no, no further response from that rude police officer and no response from the vicar or bishop with regard to the 'mental health' report. My solicitor pal wants to know what psychiatric qualifications they have. So do I!


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