rowan tree blossom

March 2018

March and the summer laze is over. Time now to be a volunteer in the museum, the library and the art gallery. That's Monday mornings, Wednesday mornings and Friday mornings taken. Church is back in full fig and full swing although our newish vicar seems to want to deconstruct everything. Actually having to work the hours in between means a push to get writing finished. It's a kind of self imposed deadline which is helpful to get the book through the middle chapters.

I have promised myself to get those short stories, those sitting waiting in my file, out as ebooks. The novel is stuck as I can't find the right references to steam/sail boats leaving India for Sydney and then Christchurch. I will have to invent one rather than use one which existed. I still owe a lot of Christmas letters too. But without all this busy stuff keeping me moving about and active I might well sink into a retirement rut. I do miss the farm and the animals and the trees, but not that dreadful neighbour.

Had a brain wave about the stickman stories which are now taking shape in a novel. 'Bittersweet' is entered in two good competitions and 'Tizzie' continues to sell in e-book form. Both competitions give reviews so I hope to garner a few more for 'Bittersweet'.

No luck with grants for Iceland. I'd better try a lotto ticket! There's the UK trip relying on a grant too. Ah well. I'll just keep trying.

As other writers will know and understand, I'm at the screaming, middle section of the novel, which drags along as I struggle with the 'It's no good' and the temptation to start my Quaker girl novel instead. It's where the three Ds of writing have to work - that's dedication, determination and discipline. I need them right now.
































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