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Tizzie by p.d.r.lindsay

It was her letter. Dear Tizzie, it read so why had it been thrown away before she’d seen it? Her family wouldn’t do that to her, hide things from her? Families supported and aided each other didn’t they? Especially on a Yorkshire Dale farm, in 1887 where life was tough enough without a falling out in the family. But niece Agnes knew something for she’d found the letter. Perhaps it was time for Tizzie to understand what her brother, Jack, his wife, Maggie, and their children had been up to. ‘It’s nowt good that’s for sure.’ Here she had been working herself down to skin and bones as a dairymaid for them, but what had they really done to her? She dreaded finding out but she must, or Agnes would suffer the same spinster fate. Sharp young Agnes longed to be a school teacher, she showed Tizzie things weren’t what she’d thought. Together they uncovered Jack and Maggie's treachery and Tizzie, shocked, robbed of all she wanted in life, determined to set Agnes free.


Readers' reviews.

1 'This is a really good story, I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. Lots of interesting details and twists and turns keep you guessing until the end. I also hope this is the start of a series as I want to see where the story goes. Thoroughly recommend this book'

2 I really liked this book. This book had it all, a bit of romance, some villains and great drama. It kept me on the edge of my seat as to what happened next. I wouldn’t tell you what happened next.... find out for yourself!!!

3 This is top quality literary fiction focusing on the abuse of women. It is incredibly powerful and beautifully written.

4 One of the best historical novels I have read and compares so well with the writing of the late Catherine Cookson! I loved the character of Tizzie and the way she and the other characters talk, the colloqualisms and dialect of the region as well as the writers knowledge of the time, the place, the industry, the people, personality and what propels us forward in life is so obvious and so well written in this story. It takes me there and shows it to me!

5 My original plan was to give this 4 stars - I was thinking to myself (now that's a strange phrase, isn't it? After all, who else would I be thinking to???) that I really, really liked it, probably 4 1/2 stars worth, but that I couldn't say "it's amazing" because I don't think it's a book that's going to "stay with me a long time / forever". However, once I started writing this review (and this part is a prequel) I had to look for phrases that I wanted to quote and that took me forever because there are so many, and because I got caught up reading large segments all over again, and I was getting emotionally involved again and so angry with some of the people in this book and so wrapped up in Tizzie's appreciation of the world .... and when this gets made into a movie (hey, p.d.r., have you sent it to a scriptwriter yet?) I'm going to be its biggest fan. So it gets 5 stars!

As a semi-finalist in the M.M. Bennett Historical Fiction Award I was interviewed and ‘Tizzie’ reviewed by writer and blogger, Steve Wiefenstein. Check out his blog here. Look for the June 12th entry headed M. M. Bennetts Finalist Review and Interview 6

'Tizzie' was a finalist in the The Wishing Shelf Awards, and was read by 37 of their special readers who gave it 5 stars.

At 'Tizzie' now has 50 ratings with an overall rating of 4.42 out of 5.

A charming review of 'Tizzie' was posted at the Review blog spot by Louise Rule

The Historical Novel Society have published an excellent review here. And, icing on the cake, 'Tizzie' was chosen as the editor's choice and was long listed in the Historical Novel Society's Indie Novel Award 2016.

Reviews are popping up everywhere: Nathan Lowell has a good review. And there are more reviews at Amazon and Goodreads. 'Tizzie' always makes the best seller lists during the e-book sales ranking as in the 20s every time in the top 100 British Historical novels.

Story Origin group promotions have seen copies of 'Tizzie' flying off the website. Nice to know more readers are discovering her.

The Voracious Readers Group have been reading and reviewing Tizzie. Find them at Bookbub and Goodreads. Thanks to them all for the new reviews, all four or five stars, which have brought a pleasant rush of new sales. Here's one of their reviews:

6 I really enjoyed this book.
It took a while to get into, and the speech patterns were a little off putting at first, but once the story caught me I couldn’t put it down.
The characters were very well rounded and came across as extremely real. It’s written in such a way that you can almost see the village green and smell the dairy shed. It doesn’t bore you with too much description, instead giving you just enough to let your imagination flesh out the details itself.
I received a complimentary copy from VRO in return for an honest review.

South Canterbury radio interviewed me about 'Tizzie' and writing in general.

You can listen to the fun we had during the interview by tuning in to the podcasts on the Plains Radio 96.9 FM Canterbury.

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