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Finally getting some writing time back. January days being all visits to the doctor, chemist, shops, friends dropping in with food and cheerful chat, etc for I was not allowed to drive. Poor dog was led on the lead by various people each day (He runs free with me.) until I found some more oomph and could walk him myself. But February means driving again, independence and the feeling of to-hell- with-it-all I'm okay! Nice to get a life back and the dog concurs. He missed his long off-the-lead walks.

Writing has been divided into research for the big novel and jotting down story ideas for Holy Hell vor for my time travelling librarian. The novella has been dragging its way to an ending because I kept realising that I hadn't listened to my character's needs and wants and had to go back to page one and start slotting them in. Then there was that wretched silver fox, the kitsune, poking her nose in to give me a new opening and a whole lot of filling in throughout the story. Writer colleagues tell me I should plan. Yes, well I did, but like most of my plans it is overruled by characters and events. And sometimes true inspiration.

It is depressing though the amount of work which has to go into marketing the books. I mean Depressing with a capital D. There are so many million books released by Amazon alone each year so how to make mine visble enough for people to see and read and even buy?. If I could write genre fiction like Romance or Fantasy or SF and use the genre tropes well I too might be a best seller. Trouble is that would bore me so much I'd stop writing. I enjoy writing because it's unpredictable even magical at times when things you've created take life and mean something. However I might try Japanese style fantasy a little more in those Edo period stories to see if they'll please the fantasy crowd.



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